FlightHub and JustFly Combine Humans and Technology to Provide Rapid Response to Coronavirus Travel Changes

To address exceptionally high call volumes due to the outbreak, FlightHub and JustFly used automation to streamline their customer service response.

​​​​​​​FlightHub and JustFly, online travel agencies serving the North American market, have been responding to increased customer demand as a result of the coronavirus that has spread across China and now internationally, including cases in Canada and the U.S. The outbreak of the virus has killed at least 1,669 people globally as of Feb. 16 and infected a total of 51,857, according to the World Health Organization, which declared the new coronavirus outbreak a global emergency.

As a result, travel has been severely impacted, and travelers are looking for solutions. To provide the best possible service to their customers, FlightHub and JustFly assembled a team of developers who worked throughout the night to automate a special hotline that would streamline the process of canceling, rescheduling or requesting refunds due to travel changes and disruptions because of the virus.

The work had an immediate impact on customers. FlightHub has seen a huge reduction in wait times and has been able to process thousands of requests in a timely manner. As of Feb. 11, they have processed over 5,000 refunds without customers having to experience wait times or speak to an agent, at some points processing over 200 refunds per hour. 

The biggest lesson learned for the companies was the importance of combining people and technology in a time of crisis to respond to the demand efficiently and effectively and reduce the impact on customer service. 

“Watching the team respond to the coronavirus crisis in such an agile manner, all I could think was this is FlightHub and JustFly at their best,” said Chris Cave, Chief Operating Officer at FlightHub and JustFly. “Our developers worked throughout the night to automate what could have been a very complex process, rapidly reducing our wait times despite the massive call volume generated by the virus. We are so great at being responsive, and the result is increased customer satisfaction.” 

FlightHub and JustFly’s goal is to simplify the shopping and booking procedure for customers by eliminating their need to visit many locations to compare prices. With its search engine software, every possible flight and combination is indexed directly, allowing travelers to make their reservation and book directly with FlightHub.

For more information about the companies, visit FlightHub.com or JustFly.com. To modify your travel plans due to the virus, please call one of the numbers below and select the coronavirus option from the menu. 

About FlightHub and JustFly

FlightHub and JustFly make travel accessible, allowing more people to visit new places and explore different cultures by offering the cheapest flight on worldwide destinations. This is achieved by investing heavily in both technology and people, streamlining and optimizing the customer experience. Visit flighthub.com or justfly.com to book online or call an agent at 1-800-900-1431 (FlightHub) or 1-800-717-5015 (JustFly) for 24/7 service.

Source: FlightHub